Concierge Valet Parking Tips | ParkSafe Systems

ParkSafe Systems Valet employees are required to adhere to professional uniform policy. You will always find our staff properly attired in a neat and clean uniform wearing a name tag and a smile. Our Supervisors and Managers enforce this policy without exception.

This is of the utmost importance in supporting our service maxim that “first impressions make the difference.” In order to ensure courteous, safe and efficient valet parking service, each of our employees must complete the ParkSafe Systems Valet training program which includes a road test to train safe driving techniques as well as classroom training where our manuals and operations video provide each employee with a sound understanding of our service maxims: safe driving; courtesy; appearance and efficiency.

All ParkSafe Systems Valet employees are trained to be professional and courteous at all times. Whether we are helping a guest out of their car or assisting with umbrellas during inclement weather, Park Safe System’s parking and supervisory staff will strive to make the guest’s/patron’s parking experience positive.

In hiring ParkSafe Systems to manage your valet parking services (whether it is for a special event, restaurant, hotel or club), your guests/patrons will realize an additional sense of security and safety. Rather than searching the neighborhood streets or garages for parking, allow our staff to valet your guests/patrons cars right from your front door.

Comfort and Ease
Our valet parking services will provide each of your guests with peace of mind knowing that a ParkSafe Systems’ Valet employee will safely and expeditiously park and retrieve their car, relieving them of the pressure that will result from searching for a parking space. Please allow us the opportunity to reduce your parking headaches.

Value Added Touch
No matter how easy or difficult your valet parking situation may be, ParkSafe Systems will add that special touch for your very important event. This added service will most certainly make your guests/patrons feel special.