Property Owner
555 Any Street
Main Town, USA

Please allow me to introduce to you our company ParkSafe Systems. ParkSafe Systems was founded to drive the parking industry to excellence with technology focused customer service. Our mission is to maximize the value of parking related real estate with state of the art systems designed for customer convenience.

We are particularly interested in your metropolitan location and have developed the attached operating program for your consideration. We are confident that our deep operational experience will increase revenue at your facilities and improve the overall parking experience.

Please review the following information and let me know if we can meet to discuss this material. I look forward to the possibility of meeting with you and explaining our unique approach in person. Please contact me at your convenience at 1-877-6-GO-PARK.


Mario Maung
General Manager
ParkSafe Systems
(A Metro Parking Corp., Company).

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Executive Summary

The U.S. parking market is poised for a tectonic shift that will change the method by which the majority of parking facilities are operated today. The burgeoning trend of parking automation is only beginning and this concept, combined with a fragmented parking operator industry, provides immediate opportunity in this sector. ParkSafe Systems is an operational company focusing on technology driven, automated, attendant free parking solutions.

Automated Parking facilities have been the norm in Europe and South America for nearly a decade. The US parking market, dominated by operators who benefit largely from payroll services, has been slow to adapt to this trend. Today, however, asset owners are demanding the efficiencies and increased earnings that are typical from automated parking operations. The technology is now proven and ParkSafe Systems is poised to lead the way in this field.

The benefits of automated parking systems and remote monitoring are the following:

  • Improved Cash Controls
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Increased throughput and less congestion

ParkSafe Systems proposes to apply these technologies to your property and provide the owner the maximum benefits from this style of operation by doing the following:

  • Automated, pay on foot machines will be installed at the Operator’s expense
  • Entirely new Graphics and Wayfinding Systems will be installed throughout the lot at the Operator’s expense
  • The lot will be reconfigured to allow patrons easier and more convenient access to the facility at the Operator’s expense
  • The lot will be cleaned and the landscaping will be enhanced
  • State of the art revenue controls will be included to Owner’s benefit
  • Revenue will be increased and a larger share of the gross revenue will be transferred to the Owner


Operational Approach

ParkSafe Systems proposes a completely automated revenue collection process for your property with a customer service attendant during peak periods. At the Operator’s expense, ParkSafe Systems will install Pay Stations to fully automate the collection of parking revenue at this facility.

These automated payment machines provide several benefits including the following:

  • Improved Cash Controls

Improved cash controls will result when the parking attendants no longer have access to the cash. These improved controls will benefit the Owner when a larger portion of the revenue is transferred to back. The owner will have detailed information regarding the exact collections available any time.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

Improved customer service will result when the customers have increased payment options. Customers appreciate the ability to use credit cards and develop more trust in a parking facility with controls over one operated manually. As a higher level of professionalism is exhibited by ParkSafe Systems’ sophisticated operation, customers will develop loyalty and likely become repeat customers.

  • 24 Hour/Day 7 Day/Week Operation

Today, your facility only collects revenue when the attendant is there. With ParkSafe Systems, the facility will benefit from 24 Hour/Day 7 Day/Week collection and enforcement. This will drive revenue and create value for the owner.

Signage and Graphics
In addition to the technology upgrades, ParkSafe Systems will enhance the facility with improved graphics and signage throughout.

  • Clear Entrance signs to better attract the general public
  • Clear Graphics for internal traffic flow
  • Detailed payment details including Cash and Credit Card options


General Aesthetic Improvements
At the Operator’s expense, general aesthetic improvements will be made throughout the entire facility. These improvements will include painting, landscaping, fence and barrier repairs etc. A facility that is well maintained projects an image of security and safety. This image attracts customers and gains repeat business.

Booting Service
ParkSafe Systems will initiate a booting system to efficiently ensure compliance and enforce the parking regulations on this site. Advanced Booting Systems will be contracted to provide this service to maximize compliance on this well-lit facility.

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